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Sciamachy global topography

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The Sciamachy data product SCI_SF2_AX contains four products:
=  Global Topography
=  Global Albedo Climatology
=  Spectral Reference Climatology
=  Glitter Albedo Climatology
The Global Topography is at 1-degree resolution (i.e. 360x180) and thus of poor resolution. For higher resolution elevation data, the GTOPO30 global digital elevation model is much more suited as it can be reduced easily to the desired resolution.

The following image of this topography is made from the Sciamachy data product file SCI_SF2_AXVD-P20020206_103230_19990101_000000_20991231_235959.zip (100 kB; full size: 1.3 MB) with IDL using the  sciamachy_global_topography  example tool of the IDL-interface of the Basic Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox.

sciamachy global topography

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