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Yesterday's UV dose and archives

European Space Agency


page last modified:
January 2007

All UV dose maps for yesterday and archives (v1.2-1.4):

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Yesterday's UV dose

Yesterday Yesterday cloud-free
UV dose cloud-free
Yesterday DNA damage Yesterday Vitamin-D
DNA damage Vitamin-D

The UV dose is the effective UV irradiance (given in kJ/m2) reaching the Earth's surface integrated over the day. The UV dose is based on the CIE action spectrum for the susceptibility of the caucasian skin to sunburn (erythema). The UV dose maps for yesterday over Europe and The Netherlands have been compiled using Meteosat cloud information. Because Meteosat satellite data are only regional, the world data sets can be made for cloud free conditions only. Regional UV doses are also given for non-erythema action spectra: UV doses relevant to DNA-damage and Vitamin-D production in the skin, respectively. In addition, the regional UV dose for cloud-free conditions is shown.

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