IMPALA project: emissions in Africa

The African emissions from satellite observations are developed within the ESA project IMPALA.

The IMPALA project is implemented by KNMI in the Netherlands and BIRA-IASB in Belgium.
Within IMPALA, we will combine Sentinel-5p satellite data with state-of-the-art models and sophisticated inversion algorithms to estimate the emissions of methane as well as biogenic hydrocarbon and natural NOx emissions over Africa. Both qualitative and quantitative constraints on biosphere/atmosphere exchanges and anthropogenic emissions will be provided. This information is relevant not only for a better scientific understanding of climate forcing and biosphere-climate-air quality interactions, but also for local stakeholders and for environmental and agricultural agencies. IMPALA capitalises the long-term expertise of the consortium in emission estimation from space observations.

The following emission data products based on TROPOMI observations are available:

Country emission reports: