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Clicking on a place on the map below returns the forecasts of the UV index and the total ozone column for a user-specified location at local solar noon of today and the coming few days for clear-sky conditions and in the absence of snow.

You can also select these places from a list of place names.

Note that retrieving the data takes a few seconds.


Azores Islands Adelaide Algiers Amsterdam Anchorage Ankara Antananarivo Athens Auckland Baghdad Bangkok Bayrut Beijing Berlin Bermuda Bombay Bordeaux Boulder Brasilia Bremen Brisbane Bruxelles Buenos Aires Cairo Calcutta Cape Town Caracas Casablanca Chengdu Chicago Colombo Copenhagen Crete Cyprus Dallas Darwin De Bilt Djakarta Dublin Durban Faraday Faro Frankfurt Geneva Glasgow Hanoi Havana Hawai Helsinki Hong Kong Honolulu Kiruna Kitt Peak Kos Kuala-Lumpur Labska Bouda Lagos Lahore Las Palmas Lauder Lima Lisbon London Los Angeles Madeira Madrid Malaga Mallorca Malta Manila McMurdo Station Melbourne Mexico Miami Montreal Moscow Neumayer New Delhi New Orleans New York Nice Novosibirsk Oslo Paramaribo Paris Perth Punta Arenas Rio de Janeiro Rome Reykjavik St. Petersburg Sainte-Lucie Salzburg San Francisco Santiago Sapporo Seoul Seychelles Shanghai Singapore Stockholm Sulaimaniya Sydney T'aipei Tehran Tenerife Thessaloniki Tokyo Toronto Tunis Uccle Ushuaia Val-d'Isère Vancouver Venice Vienna

The coordinates of these places have been determined with the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names.


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