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21 May 2024


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: There are negative numbers in the data, what do they mean ?
A: We are dealing with measurements that can become negative within the error distribution.
   It depends on your application if you want to set them to zero or not.

Q: I want to use the UV index values for my app, is that allowed ?
A: Yes, on the condition that you inform on us how you use the data and that you add some form of credits, for example:
   "Copyright © KNMI/ESA; https://www.temis.nl/"
Note that we give no guarantees on data continuity.

Q: I have a great offer and want to sell something...
A: Don't bother, we do not even read your message.

Q: I want to download multiple data files, but I do not want to click on each file. Can I download these files at once ?
A: You can use a "wget" command for a single file, but you have to write a script around it, so it is complicated and we currently don't have a solution for this.

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For questions you can send us an email:

subject   name   email
UV data service   Jos van Geffen   geffen [at] knmi [dot] nl
albedo climatologies   Gijs Tilstra   tilstra [at] knmi [dot] nl
general and other   Ronald van der A   avander [at] knmi [dot] nl