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Yesterday's UV dose and archives

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May 2024

Yesterday's UV dose

The UV dose is the effective UV irradiance (given in kJ/m2) reaching the Earth's surface integrated over the day and taking the attenuation of the UV radiation due to clouds into account. The cloud data is compiled from geostationary Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) observations. The UV dose is computed for three different action spectra, i.e. for three different health effects: erythema (sunburn) of the skin, vitamin-D production in the skin and DNA-damage.

The maps below show as the cloud-modified and cloud-free vitamin-D UV dose for two regions; a link to maps of other action spectra and regions follows below the maps. For grey areas there is no cloud data available.

Yesterday -- cloud-modified Yesterday -- cloud-free
vitamin-D UV dose vitamin-D UV dose
vitamin-D UV dose vitamin-D UV dose
Maps:  Europe  |  Benelux  |  Dutch Caribbean & Suriname  |  World

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version 2.0-2.2:
Erythemal UV dose
Vitamin-D UV dose
DNA-damage UV dose
UV dose timeseries at selected locations
Overview of all archives
versions 1.2-1.4:
Data is no longer available

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